Accessible web design

In building this site and migrating content from its previous content management system, the Energy Resources Division has tried to ensure that its content conforms with Level A of the W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0.

However, a proportion of our web content currently exists only in the form of PDF files and many of these consist of scanned images of archival documents.

Please see section below for options on converting PDF files to more accessible formats and visit the Adobe website for more information on Acrobat accessibility.

Also, despite our efforts to ensure Level A compliance, you might encounter some pages with data tables that do not include correct HTML markup to identify headers or associate data cells with their appropriate header cells. If you have trouble interpreting any such tables, please contact us so that we can provide assistance and also correct the markup for future users.

Converting PDF files

The Adobe website provides a service to convert PDF files to HTML via an online form;
The Adobe website and the Trace Research Centre provide services to convert Acrobat PDF files to plain text or HTML via e-mail.