Well guidelines

Well naming

The naming of wells must conform to conventions agreed by APPEA and Geoscience Australia in 1996. Details about the conventions to be followed when naming wells are included in the Guideline for naming of wells under Regulation 25 (.PDF) 15KB

Location surveys

Under Regulation 26 of the Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Regulations well location surveys must be submitted to Department of State Development. The guidelines for Well location surveys (.PDF) 8KB include information about accuracy requirements, who should perform the survey and what type of information needs to be submitted.

Well Evaluation Programs

The guidelines for well logging and sample programs for infill and development wells and for exploration wells are outlined in well evaluation programs (.PDF) 7KB

Well abandonment

When abandoning wells the Standard Environmental Objectives (SEO) must be complied with. The Cooper Basin well abandonment SEO checker (.XLS) 135KB provides a guide to complying with the SEO when abandoning wells in the Cooper Basin.