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Geothermal Energy

TIG 10 - Exploration & Well Log Technologies

Leader: Des Fitgerald, Intrepid Geophysics

Terms of Reference
  • Cooperate in studies to advance geothermal metods and technologies: including the indirect detection of subsurface properties to delineate prospective trends;
  • Cooperate to develop, collect, improve and disseminate geothermal-related information;
  • Identify opportunities to facilitate the efficient advancement if geothermal energy projects; and
  • Disseminate information on geothermal energy in Australia and internationally by way of workshops, and open interchange of experiences and ideas generated within the Australian community.
Topics in scope include but are not limited to:
  • RESEARCH FOCUS 1: Investigate appropriate application of geophysical and geologic methods to delineate the extents of commercial and sustainable geothermal resources prior to deep drilling. (How to reduce the exploration risks / increase the likehood of finding commercially sustainable resources?)
  • RESEARCH FOCUS 2:Investigate possible use of satellite and airborne systems to measure surface radiation to detect high heat producing granites in the sub-surface, to verify modelling and plan drilling.
  • RESEARCH FOCUS 3: Use magneto-telluric survey data to idenitfy and locate conductive fluids in fractured rocks (*now a Research Project)
  • RESEARCH FOCUS 4:Conduct regional studies to delineate the limit of play ingredients to guide exploration. This focus has led to the formulation of a "Challenge for Geothermal Resource Modellers" to create a resource model from basic data and use the new code to report findings. (* now progressed to Project level).
  • RESEARCH FOCUS 5: Collection and processing of micro-seismic data around geothermal projects. Aim a) to extract values and interpret the observations so that geology models can be improved / created. Aim b) to upskill a new generation of seismic interpreters in location and structural interpretation of the event record.
  • RESEARCH FOCUS 6: Use of radiometric data sets for indirect inference about sub-surface hot rocks and their properties.
  • RESEARCH FOCUS 7: Use of magnetic data sets for indirect inference about depth to Curie temperatures, including collaboration with all interested regional mapping agencies to foster better use of this dataset.
  • RESEARCH FOCUS 8: Develop a tool and associated fireld methology to rapidly measure near surface heat flow, with direct application to geothermal and uranium exploration. (*now a Research Project).
  • RESEARCH FOCUS 9: Develop "Heat Exploration Techniques Calibration Range". Disseminate available baseline readings, datasets and geological maps on a progressive basis. Aim to assist potential new techniques and service providers to establish their capabilities for the EGS energy industry. (*a proposed Research Project).

Meetings and Workshops

AGEG: TIG-10 Workshop "Innovative Technologies for Geothermal Exploration"  27th November 2009 (external ftp site)

AGEG TIG 10 Meeting 27 November 2008 (external ftp site)

AGEG TIG Report Meeting #5, 20 - 21 November 2008

Inaugural TIG-10 (b) meeting, held at University of Adelaide, 6th November 2008.
Agenda, PowerPoints and Minutes available (external ftp site)