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Geothermal Energy

TIG 8 - Information and Data

Leader: Anthony Budd, Geoscience Australia


Objective: Assist the development of the Australian geothermal industry by simplifying data availability, usefulness and exchange through standards, database design, contents, ongoing enhancements and development of manipulation and interpretive tools


Development of an extension to 3D GeoModeller to enable prediction of 3D temperature and heat flow from inputted heat production and thermal conductivity.

In Progress:
Populate heat flow database with new data. As database structure is refined, promulgate data dictionary ± structure amongst State geological surveys.
Liaising with US DoE, Southern Methodist University and Google regarding web interoperability standards.

Scoping plan for building data system within Onshore Energy and Minerals Division of Geoscience Australia. This work may be scheduled to start in the 09/10 financial year.
Release new map of predicted temperature at 5 km map and dataset. Timing of release is dependant on reaching agreement with Earth Energy Pty Ltd. The map will also be made available to view in Google Earth.

List of sub-TIG Topics:

Key issues to be addressed by TIG-8 include but not limited to:

Bottom of Hole temperatere data
Austherm database
Heat Flow database
Under development by GA - agreement with states
Well production
Capture production status of Australian wells
Measurement standards
For temperature logging, thermal conductivity - being led by HDRPL. Relevant to the Geothermal Code
Geothermal Lexicon
Agreed data exchange formats
Interoperability standards
Tied Grant project completed by Intrepid Geophysics
3D temperature & heat flow foward modelling capabaility

AGEG TIG Report Meeting #5, 20 - 21 November 2008

Project Name
Summary of key project objectives and link to final report
Research Partners
Forward prediction of spatial temperature variation from 3D geology models
Develop model for rapid calculation of spatial variations of temperature from 3D geology. Compare model-derived temperatures with observed to refine model. Demonstrate methodology via a case study of Petratherm's Paralana Project. The final report, Agenda from the related workshop held in Adelaide in November 2008, and an extended abstract from the 2008 Australian Geothermal Energy Conference can be accessed from the links below:
•    Link to final report
•    Link to workshop agenda

•    Intrepid (Gibson & Calcagno),
•    GA (Budd )
•    Petratherm (Reid)
•    Eden Energy (Jeffress)
•    PIRSA (Hill)