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Geothermal Energy

TIG 4 - Outreach

TIG Leader - Betina Bendall, PIRSA


Objective: Assist the development of the Australian geothermal industry through coordinated geothermal training courses (in conjunction with IGA) and annual conference (in conjunction with AGEA). Improve communication strategy for AGEA & AGEG through provision of dedicated website that provides linkages to geothermal resource material (e.g. DOE’s Legacy Collection, EnGINE, Geothermal Education Office etc).  Facilitate informed public through accessible information including website and FAQ sheets. Provide educational kits for media, K-12 and university education.

List of sub-TIG Topics

Key issues to be addressed by TIG - 4 include but are not limited to:

Website design and upgrades
Plan annual AGEA-AGEG conference
Develop FAQ Sheets
Coordinate geothermal training workshops
Consolidate links to all relevant geothermal websites
Develop educational kits
Consolidate Calendar of Events

AGEG TIG Report Meeting #5, 20 - 21 November 2008

Inaugural Australian Geothermal Energy Conference, 19th - 22nd August 2008

The Australian Geothermal Energy Association and the Australian Geothermal Energy Group organised and hosted the very successful inaugural Australian Geothermal Energy Conference, from the 19th to the 22nd of August 2008.
Please click on the following link to see the conference web site.

The conference was the first conference organised by the Australian geothermal energy community exclusively on the topic of geothermal energy. The conference was made possible by seed funding from the Australian Government under the Sir Mark Oliphant International Frontiers of Science and Technology Conference funding scheme with additional sponsorship from generous company sponsors.