In November 2005 DMITRE (then Primary Industries and Resources South Australia (PIRSA)) was invited by the geothermal sector to be the Contracting Party for Australia's membership in the International Energy Agency's Geothermal Implementing Agreement (external site) (IEA-GIA). DMITRE's Executive Director of the Energy Resources Division (Barry Goldstein) was elected by the Australian geothermal sector as Australia's Executive Committee representative to IEA-GIA.

In 2009 AGEG incorporated and subsequently became an affiliate organisation with the International Geothermal Association. On the 30th April 2010, 2500 members from World Geothermal Communities represented by 85 countries assembled in Bali, Indonesia, for the World Geothermal Congress and witnessed the signing of the Bali Declaration. Representatives of AGEG were present at the event and were proud to support and sign the document.

DMITRE also acts as the Secretariat for the Australian Geothermal Energy Group (AGEG), formed in 2006 to provide financial and intellectual support for Australia's membership in the IEA-GIA. Members of AGEG include representatives from:

  • Companies with entitlements to undertake geothermal exploration (research), appraisal (proof-of-concept), demonstration and development projects in Australia and service providers,
  • Government agencies responsible for investment attraction, licences and regulation for the geothermal sector
  • University and research organisations conducting relevant research.

The members of the AGEG have a common interest in sharing information to commercialise Australia’s geothermal resources at maximum pace and minimum cost in Australia’s competitive energy markets.

The preparation of Australia's Annual Report on geothermal energy in Australia to the IEA is a key secretariat responsibility.
Read the 2010 Annual Report (pdf - 1.71MB) and previous reports are available here

AGEG's Vision

Geothermal resources to provide the lowest cost emissions-free renewable base load energy for centuries to come. 

AGEG's Terms of Reference

Provide support for Australia's membership in the IEA's Geothermal Implementing Agreement (GIA) and facilitate engagement within the geothermal community.

Foster the commercialisation of Australia's geothermal energy resources. Collectively:

  • Cooperate in research and studies to advance geothermal exploration, proof-of-concept, demo and development projects
  • Cooperate to develop, collect, improve and disseminate geothermal related information
  • Identify opportunities to advance geothermal energy projects at maximum pace and minimum cost
  • Disseminate information on geothermal energy for decision makers, financiers, researchers and the general public (Outreach).

AGEG's Constitution

A copy of the AGEG Constitution can be found here 11 December 2009.

Technical Interest Groups

Technical Interest Groups (TIGs) have been established with the purpose of sharing information and industry-wide learning with maximum effect and efficiency. Details on each TIG is available on the Technical Interest Groups page. This contains information such as TIG leaders and contact details, specific group purposes and objectives as well as workshop presentation slides for each interest group.